About the Artist

Jan Bowen

Painter, Sculptor, Lover of Life

I’ve always been interested in the arts, but I didn’t start painting until I retired and moved to Mexico in 2015. I worked most of my life as a Hospice Social Worker, in Texas. During the evenings and weekends it seemed I always was creating something “arty”. I used lots of mohair to knit sweaters and scarves. Also created tons of baby socks and one of a kind hats. This was all done while raising two daughters and caring for my husband and home.

In 2015 while exploring my new home in SMA, I discovered an Art Supply store. On a whim, I bought some acrylic paints and a few canvas. My first works were commissioned pieces for my best friend back in the States. Carol was fixing to have her first grandchild and asked me to paint colorful animals for the nursery. I painted a giraffe, a rhinoceros and a lion. She paid me fifty dollars apiece for them—and my career as an artist was launched! 

When the Covid-19 virus hit five years later, in the spring of 2020, thank the good Lord, I still had my old art supplies. Being pretty much homebound, I returned to my creative efforts. The sculptures were created in 2020. These are made using recycled cardboard, paper mache, homemade clay and old orchid sticks. The drive to create has always been inside me, and it helped to keep me sane through nearly two years of isolation. 

I make art because I have a basic need to surround myself with all that is bright, happy, and colorful. I also raise a wide variety of orchids for the same reason.

In 2021, I turned back to painting. My pieces have a fiesta vibe, and I love hearing from buyers that the bright colors and whimsical figures make them happy. What a gift to share! 

Please let me know if I can create a special piece of art for you, or if you’d like to purchase one from the gallery. I look forward to brightening your day!